Project Description

Mattei Carella Design

Maurizio Mattei, Nicoletta Carella

Maurizio Mattei, graduate in architecture in Rome, initially cooperates with Public Institutions for restructuring urban areas, focusing his attention to the environment quality.

Then, he begins a cooperation with a home ware leader company specialized in plastic material where, together with the designer Nicoletta Carella, gets in touch with the biggest names in the international design. In 2000 they establish together the Mattei Carella Design, realizing projects for Enjoy, Filplast, Giannini, Guzzini, Leonardo, Omada, Ottaviani, Piacenza, Plexi, Snips, Vesta.

“ We have always made simplicity a value, formal cleanliness a system. We create “silent“ objects that, through the expressive capacities of matter, transmit emotions. Our close collaboration with several companies in this sector has allowed us to create a product able to combine different materials and advanced technologies, designed to last overtime.”