Thanks to the new diffusive material created in the spin-off laboratories Graftonica Milano-Bicocca, new furnishing objects made of light are born.

An innovative material that allows the diffusion and colour change of light in all directions, previewed at the Salone del mobile 2019. It is the novelty of the research license plate by Bicocca that, thanks to the partnership with Vesta Design, is presented as functional furnishing objects with a high technological and visual impact.

The new material was developed by Graftonica, spin off of Milano-Bicocca, born in 2015 and led by Alberto Bianchi, sole administrator.
It is a concentrated liquid of nano particles appropriately modified so as to join without imperfections with transparent plastics – such as polymethylmethacrylate, commercially called plexiglass. This allows the diffusion and chromatic modification of light in all directions, with a luminous effect that varies according to the intensity and color of light and the amount of present nano particles.